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About Us

Thump Sports is a New Zealand business that specialises in the sale of tennis and squash gear.

Thump Sports was founded by Director Jason Pierre in 2004. These days, Jase likes to tell the kids "back in my day racquets were really pricey - sometimes over $600". It's at this stage kids usually make a fast exit to the nearest court to avoid story time.

Jase, however, was right: prices were excessive and product ranges were poor. So, after much research (purchase of many toys), his dream to establish one of NZ's first online tennis shops was underway.

A few years later, Jase finally coaxed fellow Director and doubles partner Shane Jackson into the company to quickly see them throw themselves into the industry with intentions to make positive change.

The company had a name change from Pierre Imports to Thump Sports Limited, the website was revamped and we opened our first retail store in the Khandallah Tennis and Squash Club, Wellington. Both Shane and Jason are well known personalities across the Wellington Tennis Region holding various playing and volunteer administration roles for 10+ years.

We now stock the largest range of specialist Tennis and Squash gear in the country. Our pricing strategy ensures we always offer customers excellent savings and if we don't customers are the first to point this out. With an aggressive pricing strategy overlayed with excellent customer service and product expertise our hope is customers are more likely to buy from an NZ retailer. In turn helping us and local distributors to better support and keep growing the games of Tennis and Squash.

We currently have two stores in Wellington (Khandallah – Tennis and Squash, Lower Hutt - Tennis and Squash). We also have a network of coaches aligned to Thump Sports selling from Thames to Invercargill. 

Buying from Thump Sports ensures we are able to put as much as possible back into helping Clubs, players and tournaments. Some of these include:

Tennis Sponsorships Current

  • Patrick Joss
  • Clement Mainguy
  • Antonia Lawson
  • Rosearna Stairmand
  • Jade Otway
  • Jake Naylor

Squash Sponsorships

  • Evan Williams - Tawa
  • Kobe Fleming - Mana
  • Joe Smythe - Mana
  • Sam Atkins - Thorndon

Sponsorship Alumni (past sponsorships):


  • Finn Tearney - Wellington 
  • Barrett Franks - Christchurch
  • Dan King Turner - Auckland
  • Paige Hourigan - Whanganui
  • Kyle Butters - Whanganui
  • Bridget Liddell - Wellington 
  • Dom Miller - Wellington
  • Pratt Keerasuntonpong - Kapi Mana
  • Zach Whaanga - Kapi Mana 
  • Olly Sadler - Wellington
  • Alex Calder - Hutt Valley
  • Tamara Anderson - Wellington
  • Isaac Beecroft - Wellington

Tournament Sponsorships

We sponsor close to 40 tournaments each year in Tennis and Squash. The biggest event we were sole sponsors for was the Thump Sports Dunlop Junior Tennis Tournament with $12,500 held in Whanganui.

We only have professionals who are passionate about Tennis and Squash on the end of our 0800 484 867 line, so feel free to call us 9.30am-6pm Mon-Fri and 10am-5pm Sat-Sun and talk.