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Junior Racquet Guide

Looking to buy a new racquet?

Junior racquets are designed to be lighter and more manoeuvrable than adult racquets to help young players develop strokes and enjoy the game of tennis. Racquets which are too heavy, light, long or short can delay player progress or worse lead to physical injury. So it’s important your child has the right racquet.

Junior racquets are designed to help players progress through the various sizes as they develop and become more advanced. An ideal junior racquet is more advanced than the players level, rewarding correct technique and challenging the player for improvement.

To guarantee good quality, purchase reputable brands such as: Prince, Wilson, Head, Babolat or Dunlop.

The below table provides general guidelines to follow when choosing a junior racquet.  For more advice contact the Thump Sports Pro Shop 0800 484 867 ( or talk with your local coach.





2 - 4


$35 - $65

4 - 6


$35 - $65

6 - 8


$35 - $65

8 - 10


$35 - $65

10 - 12


$60 - $250

12 +

27”+ (Adults)

$100 - $500

Racquets sized 19”-25” come in different grip sizes, lengths, and are weighted head heavy to help stroke development. These frames are generally made from tubular or extruded aluminium which makes the racquet strong, lightweight and low priced ($35-65).

Racquets sized 26” are made of aluminium, graphite or a composite of both. Aluminium frames are priced lower ($60-$110). Aluminium or aluminium composite frames are suitable for beginners to developing players with moderate swing speeds.

Graphite or composite 26“ racquets are priced higher ($140-$250) but offer excellent stability + control and are ideal for players with developed to advanced swings.

Juniors aged 10+ with advanced swings may be ready for a full length 27” adult racquet. Please read our Adult Racquet Guide ( located on our website for more information.

Some other considerations are: player ability, height, development goals and colour particularly if the frame might be handed down to younger brothers or sisters.

To make a purchase or find out more information on Adult tennis racquets visit or email To talk directly with our expert staff phone 0800 484 867 during our regular office hours: M-F 10-8pm and S-S 10-5pm.